Generations of Doing the Right Things Right

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Remodel, Refresh, Add-On

Whether it's an addition, a new kitchen or bathroom, a finished basement, and virtually anything in-between, as a father/son team we combine fine craftsmanship, professional service, broad experience in the building trades and a stubborn commitment for doing the right things. We are passionate about helping home owners get the most out of their spaces and doing it the right way. Contact us now for a free consultation.

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What does it mean to "do the right things right"

For you

As a licensed and insured contractor I only use the best materials, hire the best sub-contractors, and I'll provide you an extensive warranty for my work.  I will be honest and consistent with you no matter what, and will work with you to set a schedule and budget that accommodates your busy life. I never compromise quality, or take short cuts, and because I'm so confident in my work I make sure that contracts are only paid in full when the work is finished to your complete satisfaction. 

For the planet

My wife and I were engaged on the majestic grasslands of Northern Kenya in Lewa wildlife conservancy, surrounded by elephants, rhino, zebra, and giraffe. The strong, beautiful, but oh so endangered, elephants we saw on that trip, are in-fact, our "Tusk" namesake. We fell in love with the people and animals of the area and from that moment on we've made it a priority for our family to take care of the planet, protect our precious natural resources, and leave the world a better place for our children and yours.

At Tusk Builders we've made sustainability and wilderness conservation a cornerstone of how we do business.  We make it a priority to use green construction techniques and specialize in high efficiency remodeling and renewable building products. In addition, we pledge to donate a percentage of all profits to wilderness and wildlife conservation both here in Minnesota, and world-wide. 

About Me


I started apprenticing with my dad and partner, John C. Knapp, when I was 18, building custom homes in New England, but even before that I was watching him work all the time. I grew up with a hammer in my hand and a passion for building. After college I worked as a professional handyman before starting a corporate career in education and working to complete my MBA. I've spent 10 years working in higher ed while raising three children with my wife Sara, building and remodeling my own home, and helping friends with theirs. In 2017 I decided to make a career change and go back to my passion, home building and remodeling.

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