"There's nothing more effective at making a home more liveable than taking down a poorly placed wall."

Our Services

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Your home should be your sanctuary. It's where you go to re-charge, take-a-load-off, and enjoy time with your family. Maybe your kitchen has seen one too many thanksgivings, your fireplace is looking tired, or your bathroom just doesn't shine like it used to. We can help. At Tusk we love to take old spaces and breathe new life into them. We refresh your home, so your home can refresh you. 



Sometimes a home is too far gone. Or maybe you bought a house that just isn't in your style anymore and it's time for a change, or your family patterns have shifted and you need to figure out a new way to use your space. We can change floorplans, open things up, update whole sight-lines, and make your old home feel brand new again. At Tusk we have experience working within the constraints of a house's footprint and maximizing how you use your space.

Add On

There is something very satisfying about growing into your "small" house, and making it work for your family long-term. It's truly amazing what an extra 80 or 100 square feet can do to how you use your home! Whether it's because you want to squeeze in an extra bedroom, add another bathroom, or put a family room off the kitchen, we can help. We've lifted roofs, bumped out walls, and everything in between to make homes work just right.


Decks, Basements, Mudrooms and More....

Whatever your home project is, please don't hesitate to reach out. We've finished basements, built mudrooms, decks, screened porches, and much more.